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Agent Testimonials

"I love working from home! LIS is a great company to work for, they're honest and I get paid on time! ."

- Kareemah M., Georgia


This has been coming to you guys for a long time.... I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, for giving me the opportunity to work with you guys! I am finding that I now have a higher level of control over my time as well as with my finances, and both are very important in this day and age. The sense of freedom I get with the job you guys have offered me can only be expressed through the small but meaningful moments that I now can spend with my family that I couldn't before with other jobs. THANK YOU GUYS FOR WHAT YOU ARE AND WHO YOU CONTINUE TO BE! =D

-J.J. Valle., California


"I didn't have much experience, but with the support of Mary and other clients service professionals within the company, I made it! I love the feeling of everyone is family here ."

-Andranika S., Louisiana

LIS is a wonderful company to work for! Mary is very compassionate about helping others and ensuring they succeed!

-Rachael H., Georgia